Somewhere along the line you learned that your business or brand is supposed to be on social media. You're supposed to have a Facebook page. You read a post or went to a conference and learned that you needed to be on Twitter or Google Plus.

This service is for you.

Maybe you set up accounts for your business. You invited your friends to like your page. You followed some best practices for a while on Twitter but you weren't getting results. 

This service is for you.

Maybe you even hired an intern to handle your social media and he/she was going to be great because they were part of the digital youth and they impressed you at the beginning but you weren't seeing any real customers or traction. 

This service is for you.

We can help. 

We'll start by identifying what your brand voice is or should be. We'll look at your current customers. We'll look at your best customers. 

We'll look at your competitors and gauge where you could be or should be in relation to them based on real world data. 

We'll identify which social media platforms you should concentrate on based on who your current customers are, who your best customers are, and where your potential clients live and play online.

There is no one-size-fits all program for this. This takes work. This takes real strategy.

This starts with an audit.