Work on Creating Better Experiences for Your Target Market

You already know that the world doesn't need more messages.

We get enough of them. All day. 

So when you think about having to "market" your creative work it becomes a bit daunting. 

We get those negative feelings coming in because we don't like being marketed to and we don't like advertisments.

Or do we?

I know. You're expecting me to defend advertising and marketing because I'm a digital marketer. But I'm not going to defend advertising and marketing.

I'm going to defend GOOD advertising and GOOD marketing.

The kind of highly targeted and helpful marketing that a good digital marketer specializes in doesn't have to come with baggage. We're not selling spam. You're not getting Viagra emails from us.

In fact, unless you're someone who is interested in art or photography, in some aspect, then I likely am not going to bother you. You won't even know I exist (unless you friended me on Facebook becuase we went to school together but even Facebook fixes most of that).

The world doesn't need more messages. What we need are better messages. Better messages about better products that will make our lives better in some way. Otherwise they are wasting our time and we don't want to bother with it. 

Think about that last sentence. ...we dont want to BOTHER with it.

When you're looking at marketing your art work, your photography, or your gallery don't bother people.

Help them. Inspire them. Find the people who are already in the market for your goods and help them discover what your products or services offer. Educate them on how doing business with you will enhance their lives. 

That's what good marketing really is. It's helpful. 

I love that cookies have enabled marketers to track our Internet browsing habits. I'm not saying this as a marketer. I'm saying this as a consumer. 

When I'm browsing the Internet, and Google knows what I'm reading, and Facebook knows what I like, I'm less likely to get ads that are bothersome. 

That's a better experience for me and I'm sure it's a better experience for you. I'm bothered less by things that aren't of interest to me because my browsing and shopping history and ads are more targeted and helpful. People are finding me based on my interests and location and that means I'm more likely to actually need their services.

Think about those things when you're looking at branching out your creative marketing. Think about how your target audience can have a better experience online becuase of your marketing efforts and you will find that your creative business will be better off.