Where Did All The Hits Go?

No. This articles isn't about SEO. It's not a top 10 on getting your website anything. Not really.

We're living in an age that is still trying to define itself. 

For most of us we grew up thinking about hits all the time.

It was fed to us through TV. Radio. Even the books we consumed were chosen, not by us, but by editors at big publications like The NY Times. They told us what to read. They told us what to listen to and what to watch on TV.

If you were a producer of entertainment you did everything in your power to get on those lists. To be in the radar of the arbiters of cool.

Your entire business model was built on ensuring that those publications and distribution channels liked what you were selling. And if they didn't you could buy their audience with advertising.

Either way, you had to get your product or service in front of the masses and that meant being a hit. 

For the most part that hasn't changed. Much.

Sure, we turn to the internet to help us in our buying decisions. We weigh our options as we review your business on Yelp or Google Places. We ask our friends on Facebook for a recommendation when our car breaks down.

Instead of asking "the few" we are asking "the many".

We're asking those we trust.

That trust comes in the form of real life friends. It comes in websites or services we've used before. Google didn't steer us wrong last time. Yelp helped us find that great little Italian place around the corner that we didn't even know existed.

All of this simply means that those "hits" -- those products and services we love and rave about -- don't have to be mega hits. They just have to be niche hits. Or tailored hits. The kind of hits we're looking for.

The niche hits are the ones that are perfect companies for us at the right time and the right place. Or they're the company that had the right solution for us and alleviated our specific pain point.

Niche hits help us. Personally.

Your company doesn't have to reach out to The NY Times. Or the Houston Chronicle. Because maybe there's a maven just around the corner willing to give your website some exposure. 

Because you helped them. 

You helped them quench their thirst for knowledge. You helped them make a better buying decision. You helped them fix something on their own.

And the mavens will help you in kind. Because that's what they do. They review the restaurants that have great customer service and give them 5 stars. They tell their friends to check out the local theatre company because it's a cool thing to do this weekend.

They spread it on Facebook and Twitter. They share it on Google Plus and YouTube.

The world has changed. 

The power dynamics have shifted. The little guys won some of their power back and they're going for more.

As a company you have to reach out to those mavens. As a business you have to bring the arbiters of cool into your fold. 

They're the new hit makers. Reach out to them. They're easier to find than you think.