Start Where You're At

Is there a myth to the idea that inspiration must be with an artist for the artist to create?

I think this is something that most artists struggle with.

I know I do.

There really isn’t anything like being in the process of creating.  Whether I’m sitting with pen and pad, charcoal and sketchpad, or behind the camera or computer, I’m at my best when I’m creating something.

You’re probably the same.  You’re probably at your best when you’re creating something.

If, as artists, we don’t need inspiration to create then what do we need?

Perhaps it’s the idea of creation as a response?

Theoretically we respond to anything.  You respond to emotions of rage, anger, love, lust, etc…aren’t those emotions enough to trigger something – anything – that can, in turn, work itself through creation?

Start where you’re at.

I’m doing that now.  Just writing about creating is, in itself, an act of creation that can trigger responses to my lack of production in the past couple of weeks.

While it may feel forced at times I think it’s worth noting that forcing yourself to be creative from time to time can actually be an enormous gesture.  Especially if you embark on this forced journey with no goals in mind. Perhaps it allows a subconscious idea to emerge that can transform into a new project or direction in your artwork.