Put Customers First - Building Super Fans with Customer Service





RATED BEST IN CUSTOMER SERVICE by   hobvias sudoneighm Creative Commons

RATED BEST IN CUSTOMER SERVICE by hobvias sudoneighm Creative Commons

It's that simple. It's not always easy. It's not always right. It's not always financially justified.

But it really can be that simple.

If your widget works as well as the other guy's, and your prices are close, what are you doing for your customers that's better than the competition?

If your classes are as sound as the next gal's, and you have the same reach, can you show your customers that you care more than she does?

The product may 10% better. The price may be 10% less. But if they have a customer experience that's 50% better than yours they're gonna win.

All. Day.

I know a manager who talks to his customers like they're more important than everyone else he's spoken to all day. He listens to them. He empathizes with their pains. He shares in their joy.

The customers of this particular company love this manager. He takes care of them.

The prices are fair market. The location is okay. The building is average.

When the tenants' lease is up they'll resign. Because of him.

What does this all have to do with marketing?

Marketing your widget or your service is easier when you have fans. The kind of fans that scream from the rooftops about how much they loved your product are built with great customer service not with pretty commercials.

The pretty commercials, the smart copy, the great social media branding...all that stuff is great for getting people in your door the first time. It's great for building awareness and getting them in your door a second or third time.

But if your customer service is only "Just as good as our competitors" then you're making it hard for your marketing team, person, or agency.

You're just churning through customers instead of building a fan base. A fan base that could help you amplify your brand.

Use marketing to get people in your door.

Use customer service to turn them into fans.

Then give those fans back to marketing and see what they can do with them.