Launching the Social Media Success for Photographers Web Course

 A few months ago I was approached by the folks at Udemy to create a web course for photographers about digital marketing strategies.

Initially I wasn't interested. I'm already in the first stages of writing a book on digital marketing for creative professionals and didn't know if I had the time for something like a multi hour web course. 

But I did what I always do when approached by someone who is looking for my expertise. I looked into it before submitting a response.

Here's what I came away with. The Udemy website has a strong background in marketing their courses and has been picking up photographer instructors left and right. And most of those instructors are good company.

I sent out a few emails to some of the other photographers to get an idea of what this kind of project entails and the successes they've had with Udemy.

I also looked into the structure of the Udemy platform from a student's perspective to see where the value lies.

After all of my research and inquiry I decided to give it a go.

Social Media Success for Photographers web course

Over the weekend I launched the Social Media Success for Photographers web course after months of working on it and I'm very happy with the results. I'm already getting good feedback from some of the students and expect it to be very successful in the long run.

One of the beauties about the Udemy platform is that I can, and will, update the course as the social media landscape changes for photogrpahers who are marketing their services. And this comes at no additional cost to the students who have already purchased the course. They'll get notified that a new lecture has been added and they can go straight to implementing those social media strategies.

Already I see need of a new lecture because Google has introduced Communities to Google Plus. I joined a few Communities and started one on Digital Marketing for Photographers. After a week of playing around I should have enough information to put together a lecture to add to the Social Media Success for Photographers web course.

So go check out the Social Media for Photographers web course today at Udemy. There are a couple of free videos included in the course and please leave some feedback.