Find Ways to Bring New People Into Your Tribe

How many tribes do your customers belong to?

Your customers love art. They love photography.

They also, most likely, love other things that are closely related to both of those interests.

Perhaps they love knitting or watching independent films.

There's a ton of information that can be gleaned from analytics from your website or from looking at someone's Facebook profile. Can you find the other interests that tie into what your target audience is interested in by looking at your current audience?

Do those other interests include tribes of people who are passionate about art as well?

Consider co-branding efforts. Contact another industry to see where you can cross promote each other. Find ways to expand both of your audience base but remember to do so in a win-win situation.

People crave tribes. They crave the new. They love to be involved in something bigger than themselves.

Something that's moving forward.

Tribes need leaders.

When you lead a tribe your building your brand.