Everyone Hates Your Art!

There is a lot of really great art out in the world.

There is also a lot of really crappy art.

So how do you know if your art is any good, or great?

One tip:

Everyone hates your art!

No really.  They do.  Regardless of how much you think your idea, your art, your passion is great, there will be more people that hate your art than people who love it.

That’s when you know it just might be great.

This seems especially true if your art is controversial or “not normal”.

And normal is boring.


And who wants boring anyway?

Boring doesn’t create good art.  Boring doesn’t tell a compelling story.  Boring is where everyone else lives.  Boring is the art that everyone else creates that doesn’t say anything to you.

There’s also this sort of sad fact that those closest to you; your friends, your family, your colleagues, your peers, they may not want you to actually succeed.

Because the truth, that most artists would never admit, is that success would change you.


Maybe that change would be good or maybe it would be bad.  But it would be change you nonetheless and, as a general rule, most people also hate change.

It removes predictability and throws people’s lives in directions that, quite frankly, most people are not prepared for.

So screw ‘em.

Make art that everyone hates!