Do You Have A WOW Product?

Let's get something out in the open.


wow by thekeithhall - CC

Be honest with yourself today and ask "Do I have a WOW product?". 

Do you?

Ask yourself this whether you sell physical products or provide services because, as we all know, the services we provide are the products we sell.

So, again, do you have a WOW product?

Because if you don't then it simply doesn't matter how much marketing you do, or how good your advertising team is, or how amazing your digital marketing agency is, you're going to fail.

That's really the bottom line.

Spin only works so long and David Ogilvy once said "Great marketing only makes a product fail faster."

When we first moved to Houston I was in the process of fleshing out the bigger details of how I was going to transform the work I've done online (in social media and digital marketing) into a stellar business. I knew that I could help just about any small to mid-sized company build and manage their online presence and I could do it well. I'm confident in my abilities to do that.

But something was missing. 

Something was staring at me in the face and I simply couldn't ignore it. 

Most of the work I've done online has been in the arts space. Working within the art space and the photo industry has been something that I'm not just good at it, I'm great at it. It's a natural thing for me because I've studied art and photography my whole life and I work at it because I'm passionate about art.

When I take on a client in the art industry I bring more than just my expertise on digital marketing for small businesses. I bring a passion that's been burning inside of me for decades. 

When I talk, or write, about cameras and photography I do so with more heart and more knowledge than if I were writing a marketing piece on plumbing or law.

So why would I ignore this passion and this drive?

I don't ignore it anymore. That's why I've focused my services as a digital marketing and social media strategist in the arts and photo industry. 

Because by tightening my niche, by focusing on what I love, I can deliver a WOW product to my carefully chosen clients. I can drive forward with passion and focus and deliver my WOW product to my clients every day.

Clients who, by the way, are only producing WOW products themselves. I don't take on a client if I wouldn't use their service. Why would I? Why would you?