Being Safe, Being Extraordinary, Being Both

As creative professionals we tend to want to do everything our own way.  It’s in our nature really.  We’ve struggled and struggled with creatively becoming individuals that are extraordinary in every effort to stand out from the crowd.

Our work is important.  It is original, and deserves attention.

These traits are embedded in artists either through nature or nurture.  It’s why we’re so “weird”.  I hate it when people say that.

Often times these traits are what makes artists stand out from the crowd.  That tends to make us a little proud whether we admit it or not.

Here’s the thing.  Your marketing of artwork shouldn’t be left to chance.  This is something you shouldn’t go 100% against the grain.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment.  By all means please put your creative brains to use and work on innovative marketing and advertising for your artwork.  But trust some of it to a more stable form.

The question is this.  Do you want to be safe or extraordinary?  Can you do both?

Use what works for others as you try to establish your foothold as an artist in this crazy web 2.0 world.  Try a percentage split you’d be happy with.  Maybe put 50% of your effort into something tried and true while leaving the remaining to split amongst various other methods.  Keep in mind you may be leaving money on the table in pursuit of a big payoff so channel the inner gambler and go what is most comfortable with you.