Asking Too Much

Do you critique art?

You know…in your spare time?  When you’re just casually looking?

It’s something I feel I need to explore as an avenue to better understand photographs and art.

The critical process.

I have to admit something:

I used to be scared of critics.

Perhaps I still am, but I’m getting over that as rejections come in more and more. It’s growing pains. *shrugs*

I used to equate criticism in such a negative light. Judgments. Negative Judgments. Expressions of disapproval.

It’s sort of the opposite of when you post an image to Flickr and you get comments like “Brilliant!” or “lovely”. Not that those are bad, per se, I mean, I could always use the ego-boost that those friendly faces provide.

Those snippets of brief approval only provide minimal value, though, when I’m trying to grow as an artist.

I’m thinking I need to actively ask for critiques on the images I post.

Most people won’t do it.

Maybe it’s just a matter of asking them to tell me how the image makes them feel or think?

Maybe that’s asking too much.

It’s how I need to portray my thoughts about other people’s photographs.  I need to actively think about how those images make me feel and what they make me think.  I need to exercise that part of the brain that forces me to confront the emotion of art.  If I took the time to stop and actually look at a photograph I need to take the time to listen to it as well.

I want my words to live and to breathe.

Maybe I’m asking too much of myself?