25 Random Things About My Art

This is an exercise.  Try it.

  1. I love art.  No really.  I LOVE art.  I love how art can take people to a whole other place and how art can bring people into themselves.  I love how it’s transformative and how it’s timeless even when it can be timely or tired.
  2. I love how photography limits what I can create.  It keeps me from being able to completely manipulate a scene while forcing me to find angles and use equipment to tell the story or spread the idea.
  3. I have a really bad memory.
  4. I write things down so I don’t forget them.
  5. I photograph people, places, and things so I don’t forget them.
  6. I’m genuinely scared that someday I’ll forget too much.  I’ll forget why I do what I do.  I’ll forget who I am.  I’ll forget why I love the things in my life that I love.  It scares the shit out of me.
  7. I can be highly emotional.
  8. Movies, books, and art have a big influence in my life.  They make me feel.  They help me relax and they fire me up.  They inspire me to be a better human.
  9. I’m scared my kids will grow up in a world without culture.
  10. I listen to music almost all day long.
  11. I dance when no one is looking.
  12. Sometimes I sing in the shower.
  13. I hate reality TV.  I really do believe that it’s ever growing popularity will trigger the downfall of our society.  Or something like that.
  14. I wish I never had creative blocks.  But sometimes I’m thankful for those breaks.  It gives me time to reflect.  Even if I’m reflecting on how much my creative blocks suck.
  15. I secretly (okay not so secretly) want my kids to grow up to be creatives even though I know how hard it can be both personally and professionally.
  16. I think technology is pretty freakin’ awesome.
  17. I believe in humanity and progress.
  18. Even when I’m scared for our future I’m optimistic about it because I see so much passion in the art that comes out of the young.
  19. I want to create the kind of art that makes people stop and think or feel.  Even if it’s only for a split second in their hectic lives.
  20. Sometimes a great piece of art can literally take my breath away.
  21. The idea of working at a desk for someone else, for the rest of my life, for something I don’t believe in, is almost worse than the idea of spending the rest of my life in prison.  If I didn’t have a family it would probably be equal.
  22. I’m compelled to make art because it’s what I believe in.
  23. I am one of those people who never stopped believing that art can change the world.
  24. I believe that great art is supposed to make you think…
  25. Did I mention that I love art?