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Damien Franco is a marketing strategist, an entrepreneur, and arts advocate committed to furthering the practice of modern marketing. Consistently named a top influential Houstonian in social media, Damien has a Twitter following of over 100K. It is with this considerable influence and perceptive marketing talent that Franco serves his clients as a modern marketing strategist.

An early adopter of social media, Damien Franco founded Your Photo Tips, a website that eventually merged in 2011 with Sterling Publishing’s pixiq.com. Franco aided the Sterling Publishing Digital Marketing Team as a consultant and Online Editor for Pixiq’s website where he increased their website visitors by over 300%, Twitter followers by 225%, Facebook fans by 109%, and email subscriptions by 865%.

Recognized for crafting results-oriented strategies, Damien Franco currently serves small and mid-sized business as a strategist for the Houston marketing agency MARION.