Modern Marketing.

What the hell is modern marketing anyway and who needs it?

If you build it they will come. Really? Do you really believe that?

Social media. It's a fad...or is it? It's just traditional marketing but you put it online. Same stuff. Same results. People buy things. --------- Really? Do you really believe that?

I'm assuming you found this website because you don't really think those things. Or maybe someone or something finally helped you get your thinking inline with how today's world really works for people and businesses. I'm assuming that you are a small business owner or professional and you wanted to find a way to get people who need your skills, products, and services to find you. Because you need customers. Because someone told you to do SEO or Social Media. 

Maybe you found this site from one of my many social media profiles. Congratulations. You just saw modern marketing at work.

Maybe you found this site because of a search on Google or Bing. Congratulations. Modern marketing again.

Maybe you were directed here because of a business card I gave you at a coffee house, lunch, or convention. Congratulations. You just found out that modern marketing isn't just about Twitter or Facebook. It's about connecting with people wherever they are.

Go ahead and check out the blog on modern marketing. I trust you can find your way around. If you want to talk then all you have to do is call me at 432-770-6413 or email me at damien@damienfranco.com and you've got my attention.